Don Julin Interviewed on His New Mando Instruction Book



Ted Eschliman interviews Don Julin about his new book, Mandolin Exercises for Dummies (courtesy of our friends at  We are a bit disappointed by the “…for Dummies” designation, as we were holding out for the version for Godforsaken Morons.  We will nonetheless try to soldier through this more elevated version. There are many approaches to becoming a mando maven.  This may be one.  Some people advise learning fiddle tunes on the mandolin.  The only wrinkle there is that everything begins to sound the same, and you eventually wind up with just one big amalgamated fiddle tune.  Other instructors emphasize learning strings of hot licks.  Still others advocate jamming for hours at a time, which actually did help us if only by compelling playing the mandolin for five hours at a whack.  (Makes for some serious calluses, if nothing else.)

Here’s the interview with Don.

There’s an Amazon link in the article if you’re moved to buy the book.

One little note on this subject: We’ve been finding the Kindle versions of music books very handy when used on the iPad with the free Kindle app.  We have a The Gig Easy iPad bracket mounted on a mic stand, and it puts everything right where you need it when you have an instrument around your neck and your hands are occupied.  Haven’t yet sprung for the Bluetooth foot-controlled page flipper gizmo yet, but it’s a matter of time.  (Further note: We realize no benefit from the sale of any of this stuff, beyond the satisfaction of having turned you on to something useful.  That’s not because we’re so moral; we just haven’t figured out how.)

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