Dan Wilson on Semisonic, Adele, and the sincerity of Taylor Swift

Here’s a good AV Club interview with Dan Wilson, best known to us as the frontman of Semisonic.  Semisonic was, in turn, best known for their hit Closing Time.  At the time of release (1998), we felt there easily a good five solid radio hits on their ultimate album, Feeling Strangely Fine.  (For younger readers, recorded music used to be played on broadcast radios as a means of promotion, thus leading to sales of albums and concert tickets.)  These days Dan Wilson is a prolific songwriter, who’s just as likely to pair up on writing projects with country stars as he is with Adele.  The man knows how to write a good song.  Definitely worth your time to read.

Incidentally, somewhere out there is an excellent version of Dan playing Closing Time accompanied only by his guitar.  We’ve heard it played once on the Sirius/XM “Coffee House” channel, but the recording does not appear to have material existence elsewhere.  But here’s a YouTube video of him doing it unplugged and telling the story of writing the song.  A little bit freaked out here because sitting next to him is one of our personal god-head humongous genius songwriters and performers, Chris Stapleton (late of the Steeldrivers).

Oh, yeah, and here’s the article from the AV Club:

Dan Wilson on Semisonic, Adele, and the sincerity of Taylor Swift.

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