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Happy Birthday, Tony Rice

  Today we celebrate the great Tony Rice’s 63rd birthday.  He is a musical giant who, against all notions of rationality or fairness, continues to struggle down the road of life. This excellent article on Tony appeared in the New York Times earlier this year.  It’s worth reading all the way through. Happy Birthday, Tony. […]

A Good One for Memorial Day

As we remember to be grateful and thankful for the sacrifices our Armed Forces veterans have made — particularly as they are being obscenely ignored and disrespected by the government — here’s a real pretty song from Dale Ann Bradley.  (With some mighty nice help from Sierra Hull and Steve Gulley.) All gave some; some […]

Tony Rice & Happy Traum on Rhythm, Beat and Drive

Happy Traum, if you’re not familiar with him, is a musical institution from ‘way back in the 1950’s New York City folk scene.  These days he makes his home in Woodstock, New York, where he runs a company he founded  called Homespun.  (It used to be Homespun Tapes, but they don’t sell tapes anymore and […]

Don Julin Interviewed on His New Mando Instruction Book

  Ted Eschliman interviews Don Julin about his new book, Mandolin Exercises for Dummies (courtesy of our friends at  We are a bit disappointed by the “…for Dummies” designation, as we were holding out for the version for Godforsaken Morons.  We will nonetheless try to soldier through this more elevated version. There are many approaches to […]

Dan Wilson on Semisonic, Adele, and the sincerity of Taylor Swift

Here’s a good AV Club interview with Dan Wilson, best known to us as the frontman of Semisonic.  Semisonic was, in turn, best known for their hit Closing Time.  At the time of release (1998), we felt there easily a good five solid radio hits on their ultimate album, Feeling Strangely Fine.  (For younger readers, […]

Blogging about the Glass Armonica

Our friend Melissa Swingle (front woman with Trailer Bride and The Moaners) was over the other evening for some eatin’ and a-pickin.’ Melissa brought her musical saw, which in her extremely capable hands produces beautiful, ethereal sounds. (If you do not have perfect pitch or damn close to it, the musical saw is probably not […]